bob books rhyming words (stage 2)

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By Lynn Maslen Kertell Illustrator Dana Sullivan

Rhyming makes reading easier and more fun for kids that are just getting started. When rhyming words are included in a story, they make sounding out (decoding) easier. Kids have reading success sooner and faster, build confidence, and they have fun too. Bob Books Rhyming Words is a great next step after Bob Books Set 1.

Inside the box you'll find:
- 10 easy-to-read, hilarious small books, 12 pages each
- With mostly two and three letter words, Bob Books Rhyming Words is suitable for the very beginning reader
- Phonics based -  words can be sounded out
- Our rhyming words have endings that are spelled the same (no rhyming kite with light)
- Rhyming words are interspersed throughout, so the story is told in a conversational tone
- For extra learning support, each book focuses on one short vowel. For example, Hen in the Den focuses on the EN family, but also includes eggs, nest and went for extra short-e practice
- 40 word-family puzzle cards for fun rhyming words games



  • ISBN13:9780545513227
  • Format:Boxed Set
  • Ages:4 - 6
  • Grades:Pre-K - 1
  • Pages:120
  • Weight (lbs):0.654
  • Dimensions:1.673 x 5.58 x 5.66
  • Guided Reading Level:GR Level C - E
  • DRA Level:3
  • Language:English
2x de R$ 83,68
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Comprar Estoque: Disponível
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