Count the Monkeys

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This book is all about counting monkeys. Except...where are the monkeys? It looks like a toothy king cobra has scared them off the very first page of their own book! Maybe they're hiding out nearby, but readers will have to turn the page very quietly to sneak away from that snake.

The bad news: no sign of the monkeys on the next page either. The good news: the cobra has been chased right off by a pair of speedy mongooses...or is it mongeese? After a vote, it's time to turn the page again...

But there are no monkeys there either. And no mongooses. In fact, it looks like they've been chased away by a trio of top-hatted crocodiles!

From six elderly beekeepers to eight ax-wielding lumberjacks, every spread features one colorful crew being chased away by another. Readers will find themselves roaring, humming, high-fiving and more as they try to track down the monkeys for a counting lesson. Of course, even without the monkeys around, they've been counting from one to ten all along.

R$ 48,00
Comprar Estoque: Disponível
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