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By Steve Jenkins

Humans are not the only beings who hold records for being the biggest, strongest, or fastest of their kind. Many of the world's animals are also record holders, and this informative and fun book is an entertaining resource.

Readers learn about a species of tiny ants that are able to lift and carry objects 5 times their own weight, and the species of African elephants that eat more than 300 pounds of grass and leaves each day. The book presents comparisons in size, weight, speed, life expectancy, strength, and diet that young people can easily understand. For example, the book compares the athletic prowess of a 5-foot woman to a common flea that is able to jump to the top of a 65-story building.

Filled with vibrant cut-page collages in double-page spreads and colorful charts, this book brings fascinating facts about our natural world alive.

  • ISBN13:9780590959223
  • Format:Paperback Book
  • Pages:32
  • Genre:Informational Text
  • Grades:K - 2
  • Lexile® Measure:AD540L
  • Guided Reading Level:GR Level P
  • DRA Level:34 - 38
  • ACR Level:2.3

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