The Three Bears

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By Paul Galdone

In this irresistible children's classic, Galdone gives a new generation of readers a large scale, entertaining look at Little Wee Bear, Middle-Sized Bear, Great Big Bear, and one of our favorite story time characters: Goldilocks! Graphically interesting, the text appears respectively sized in "Little Wee," "Middle-Sized" and "Great Big" characters, cleverly differentiating each bear's speech. Young audiences will delight in this tale of how a little girl named Goldilocks takes pleasure in making herself at home - in the bears' home, that is! The text is light and humorous, and this book presents educators with a large, brightly illustrated visual to read to multitudes of interested listeners at one time. An old tale redone with contemporary charm, this book is definitely a "Great Big" winner to add to any child's collection of classic storybooks.

  • ISBN13:9780590619714
  • Format:Paperback Book
  • Pages:32
  • Genre:Classics,
    Comedy and Humor,
    Fairy Tales, Folk Tales, Fables
  • Grades:Pre-K - K
  • Lexile® Measure:AD490L
  • Guided Reading Level:GR Level K
  • DRA Level:16 - 18
  • ACR Level:3.6
R$ 73,96
Comprar Estoque: Disponível
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